Organic matters for people who want to make a switch to safe personal care, cosmetic and nutrition products.

Organic Home Business

Are you looking for a home based business opportunity that is ethical, flexible and sustainable;  one that enables you to be part of a global community supporting the wellness of people and the environment?

Australian company Miessence are the creators of the world’s first extensive range of CERTIFIED ORGANIC skin care, hair care, body care, cosmetic, oral care, superfood nutrition and home care products.

Miessence have a passion for sourcing ingredients that are the purest, most potent and freshly extracted natural and organic raw materials on the planet. In doing so, they support sustainable organic farms and communities all over the world.

In 2010, Miessence became first in the cosmetics industry to become 110% carbon negative; they offset more than they emit in manufacturing, transportation and promotion processes.

Miessence Vision: We are a global community of heart centred, empowered individuals, grounded in deep reverence for Mother Nature, and our connection to one another, gratefully prospering through inspired actions that contribute to a thriving world.

A Miessence organic home-based business offers flexibility, with various marketing strategies available to build your business in a way that best suits your lifestyle, including ecommerce, stalls, home presentations, expos, advertising and retail.


What support and benefits do I receive as a Miessence Independent Representative?

  • A Miessence online store for you to customise and start taking orders straight away, eg:
  • Artwork for stationery
    Product information, images and brochures to download
  • Access to regular product training and business training webinars, podcasts and live events
  • Free access to Miessence Alliance, an exclusive site for Miessence reps to share and to learn
  • Support by an experienced and dedicated customer service team.
  • Online back office called MiAccount that allows you to manage your business and track your success
  • Free shipping on qualifying orders
  • Great discounts of up to 40% off recommended retail prices.
    Regular, exclusive Representative-only offers.

If you like what you see and you’re ready to start your own Miessence organic business, visit my Miessence Shop web page ‘Join Now‘. This link will take you to the registration process and join options.

If you would like to find out more and have a chat to see if this opportunity is a match for you, please contact me.