Organic matters for people who want to make a switch to safe personal care, cosmetic and nutrition products.

The easiest way to avoid toxic chemicals in your bathroom products.

The easiest way to avoid toxic chemicals in your bathroom products.

Ready to make a switch?

As you begin your search for safe, non-toxic bathroom products, you’ll notice the vast range of options in your supermarket or pharmacy aisle – overwhelming to say the least!

Slick marketing claims of ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ abound.

I’m not surprised – I was too!

The problem is, when it comes to personal care, skin care or cosmetic products, there is no requirement to comply to the same stringent labelling standards as organic foods.

The easiest and single most important way to avoid toxic chemical ingredients when you want to make a switch is to…

Look for a certification logo!

A certification logo is the seal of approval by an independent third party certifier such as the Australian Certified Organic (ACO).Without a certification logo, an ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ claim means nothing as it cannot be substantiated. Toxic chemicals are not allowed in certified organic products.

Period. Easy!

Importantly, when assessing the integrity of a product, find out exactly who that certifying body is and to what standards.In particular, look for certified organic to food grade standards and/or cosmetic standards (using non-toxic green chemistry synthetics).

For more information about green chemistry, download the Green Chemistry fact sheet Principles fact sheet (PDF).

Certification is your only guarantee.